Style · September 13, 2017

I Found a Vegan-Friendly Prada Bag

I posted about this bag over on Stylishly Vegan, my cruelty-free online magazine, but wanted to also do a blog post here to spread the word.

I found this velvet Prada bag on and fell in love. So I was incredibly excited to find out that it’s 100% leather free. That’s right, no leather used at all on or inside the bag! The exterior is made from velvet, and this even extends to the bag’s strap (which is where designer bags usually fall down – most have leather shoulder pieces).

At £1,390, it is a bit pricey, but for all you vegan designer-lovers out there this is definitely a great find. Hopefully more luxury brands will listen up and start producing at least one or two vegan-friendly options in their seasonal bag collections.

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